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These help pages are specifically for the legacy version of Terraform4D, prior to INSYDIUM's acquisition of the software.

Terraform4D user's manual

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1 Introduction

Learn more about Terraform4D!

2 Objects

Here is a list of all objects that are included with Terraform4D.

2.1 Operators

Terraform4D operator objects explained.

2.1.1 Basic Operator Attributes

All operators share a set of basic attributes, which are explained here:

2.1.2 Generators

Generators are operators that create a new height field, adding features to the terrain.

2.1.3 Filters

Filters are operators that - instead of generating new features - change the underlying terrain, adjusting them to the artist's needs.

2.2 Effector

Terraform4D even supports you populate landscapes with MoGraph!

3 Shader

Terraform4D does not just generate terrain geometry, it also helps you shade it!

4 Misc

Helpful commands...

5 Misc

More Terraform4D features...