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How do I install INSYDIUM Fused?

Every INSYDIUM Fused license is individually signed and registered to its owner on downloading from your Customer Account after purchase. This information is encoded into INSYDIUM Fused. Your Customer Account stores your personal download and it should not be shared with anyone else.

If you have INSYDIUM Fused installed in Cinema 4D and have the Online Updater enabled (with an internet connection), you will always receive the latest version of INSYDIUM Fused available for your license.

Please note that if you have a perpetual license that is out of Maintenance, the download will only include X-Particles.

If you experience any installation issues while following the below guides, please contact our Customer Services team.

Select your Operating System below to see the installation instructions:


Windows MacOS



Please follow the video installation guide below for comprehensive instructions on how to install INSYDIUM Fused within Cinema 4D on your Windows system:



If INSYDIUM Fused does not load within Cinema 4D after following these instructions, ensure that your Builds are compatible with the Cinema 4D version you are using and that the necessary Visual Studio redistributable files have been installed.



Please follow the video installation guide below for comprehensive instructions on how to install INSYDIUM Fused within Cinema 4D on your MacOS system:



If you do not wish to click through the security prompts individually, there is an alternative installation method using Terminal.

Please note that you use this installation method at your own risk and we recommend the method highlighted in the above video.

To bypass the security prompts, place the INSYDIUM folder within the Cinema 4D Preferences > Plugins location as normal and then enter the below command in Terminal:

xattr -r -d <INSYDIUM Fused Folder path>

Replacing the <INSYDIUM Fused Folder path> with the path to the INSYDIUM folder.

Once the command has been executed, you should not see any of the expected security prompts when opening Cinema 4D and be able to enter your license information.

Please note that if the above does not work and you see ‘permission denied’ messages after executing the command, you may need to preface this with ‘sudo’ as below:

sudo xattr -r -d <INSYDIUM Fused Folder path>

INSYDIUM Fused Cinema 4D Compatibility

INSYDIUM Fused Cinema 4D Compatibility

Build/Version Compatibility Release Date
Build 1657 (Version 2024.2) Cinema 4D R19–2024 May 2024
Build 1563 (Version 2023.3.1) Cinema 4D R19–2024 September 2023
Build 1557 (Version 2023.3) Cinema 4D R19–2023 July 2023
Build 1493 Cinema 4D R19–2023 April 2023
Build 1492 Cinema 4D R19–2023 January 2023
Build 1489 Cinema 4D R19–2023 December 2022
Build 1484 Cinema 4D R19–2023 October 2022
Build 1480 Cinema 4D R19–2023 September 2022
Build 1260 Cinema 4D R19–S26 June 2022
Build 1253 Cinema 4D R19–S26 April 2022
Build 1250 Cinema 4D R19–R25 March 2022
Build 1036 Cinema 4D R19–R25 September 2021
Build 1034 Cinema 4D R19–R25 September 2021
Build 1030 Cinema 4D R19–S24 July 2021
Build 895 Cinema 4D R14–S24 September 2020
Build 884 Cinema 4D R14–S22 July 2020
Build 742 Cinema 4D R14–R21 January 2020
Build 732 Cinema 4D R14–R21 September 2019
Build 728 Cinema 4D R14–R20 July 2019
Build 724 Cinema 4D R14–R20 July 2019
Build 642 Cinema 4D R14–R20 October 2018
Build 535 Cinema 4D R14–R20 December 2017

Cycles 4D GPU Compatibility

Cycles 4D is compatible with all PC systems using an NVIDIA Graphics Card and will render using the GPU.

Apple Macs are CPU only.

Previous versions of Cycles 4D used OpenCL to render using the GPU on AMD cards (and OpenCL support was also available for nVidia cards).

Due to a lack of support from Apple, Blender have withdrawn OpenCL compatibility on macOS, meaning that GPU rendering is not available using AMD cards on these systems.

If you are using OpenCL on a PC with an AMD card, this should work, however, cannot be guaranteed and we would recommend installing an INSYDIUM Fused Trial license so that tests can be completed.

Is INSYDIUM Fused compatible with Cinema 4D Lite?

No, INSYDIUM Fused is only compatible with the full version of Cinema 4D.

For full compatibility information, please click here.