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I have an Apple M1, will my INSYDIUM plugins work?

Yes, INSYDIUM Fused is natively compatible with Apple M1 systems, except Cycles 4D which requires Rosetta. 

By following these steps, you can enable Cinema 4D R23 and up to run Cycles 4D on your Apple M1 system, as well as other plugins.

1. Select Get Info for Cinema 4D (from Applications > Maxon Cinema 4D)


2. Enable Open using Rosetta


INSYDIUM customers who own R23.008 and below do not have Silicon Support. Earlier versions of Cinema 4D will run under Rosetta and INSYDIUM Fused plugins will work, however using xpExplosiaFX will cause crashes. Apple does not support AVX, so you will need to delete the xpexplosiafx.dylib file, as with any older Apple that does not have an AVX CPU: