NeXus is a GPU particle and simulation system that integrates perfectly into the X-Particles ecosystem.

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Harnessing the power of Vulkan

Our cross-platform particle simulation framework, NeXus, brings fluids, grains, constraints and particle modifiers onto the GPU.



The concept of Questions and Actions in X-Particles has been entirely revamped, incorporating advanced coding logic into an object-based hierarchy system. This system provides the capability to include loops, GLSL scripts, or simple particle tests, thus elevating the control over particles to a new level.


Data Mapping

The X-Particles Data Mapping concept has been incorporated into a newly redesigned, modern system for NeXus. This system allows you to create custom data maps to control various parts of any NeXus modifier, including constraints and fluids. With this system, you can create effects with simplicity and ease.


Fluids and Grains

The NeXus nxFluids solver combines PBD and SPH into one unified toolset. Choose the solver type and have all the control you need. Add the nxFluid tag to any emitter for complete access to your particles and make the fluid grains different densities for all types of fluid effects.




The updated nxConstraints adds all the constraints into our list UI. You can control the number of connections, radius and breaking point. Select and adjust constraints on the fly to get fast, stunning effects. Dynamic simulations such as cloth fluids and breaking sims are made easy with nxConstraints.



More Key Features

NeXus has lots of features and modifiers that harness the power of the GPU, making complex animations fast and simple



Available in NeXus, nxUpres lets you work on low-resolution particle scenes, then transfer motion and increase the particle count to a secondary high-resolution nxUpres emitter. You can build a complex scene and have confidence in the final render.


Create stunning particle growth simulations with the GPU-enhanced version of the xpInfectio modifier. Use nxInfectio to infect thousands of particles quickly and affect growth patterns. It's fast, robust and perfect for generating impressive visual effects.


nxWave, the GPU version of the xpWave modifier. Featuring faster GPU noises and adjustable wave height and frequency, catering to all your wave motion requirements.


Enrich your NeXus fluid simulations with foam particles for added realism. This feature enables you to generate foam, trapped air and spray particles on top of your nxFluidPBD and nxFluidFX simulations.


Bringing in many of the standard modifiers into the NeXus GPU framework. Enabling you to create unique effects with a simple and intuitive workflow aided by layering up modifiers.


nxTurbulence brings industry-standard turbulence models into the NeXus framework. You can add simplex, curl, fBm and more for stunning turbulence effects.




Harnessing the power of Vulkan, our cross-platform solver works with modern NVIDIA, AMD, or Apple M Series GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM, support for Vulkan, sufficient compute capability for advanced GPU tasks, and up-to-date, stable drivers for software compatibility.