Taiao is a procedural plant animation system used to generate trees, flowers, grasses and custom objects.

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Replicate the beauty of nature

Create different species of trees and replicate how they fight for light and space with Taiao. Make an array of grasses and flowers. Use layers and rules to drill down and control each element.


Why Taiao?

Our Taiao plugin sits perfectly in the INSYDIUM Fused Collection. Taiao enables you to create trees, plants, flowers, grasses and custom objects. Ideal for architectural visualizations, 3D animation and film.

Build individual plants and colonize landscapes, bring animations to life with forces to add natural motion to the plants. Imitate the seasons by adjusting leaf color and distribution. From saplings to 200-year-old oak trees; the possibilities are endless. Recreating nature is made easy with Taiao.



The improved growth system provides the ability to animate the growth of each plant layer. Use keyframed leaves, flowers or custom objects, then animate them individually. By setting the leaf trigger mode to sequence, they will animate from the bottom to the top. Alternatively, you can use fields to grow the animated layers of your plant.



Taiao forces are now fully layer based, with individual control per plant layer. You can adjust the strength of forces along the length of the trunks and branches. Furthermore, you can use fields and the curl option for leaves to add secondary deformation for more realistic results.



toLeaf is a procedural leaf generator. Create realistic leaves, ranging from standard to palmate and pinnate. Create vein structures and utilize the modifier stack, layer multiple folds, furling and turbulence for specific looks. Control the look of the profile orientation, distribution and size variation.


Modifier Stack

Modifier stack is a powerful tool enhancing Taiao's toPlant, toLeave, and toFlower. With the per plant layer modifier stack, you can procedurally layer up modifiers like furling, turbulence, displacement and twist, then animate individual layers using fields.



Procedural layered based modeling plant animation system. Build up with layers, trunk, branch, leaf, flowers and custom objects. Each layer is customizable, with great control over shaping, bending and forming.

Unique procedural selectors in every layer provide a convenient workflow to add materials and forces for added realism to your plant. Use toPlant’s own inbuilt hierarchy, delve into individual plant parts or work on sections for precision detailing.




A simulation-based system creates natural growth based on rules. For example, create a tree using 3D volume objects; your tree will grow within your chosen object's shape.

Change occurs naturally, using the points to ensure no intersections occur. toTree opens up endless possibilities for design, a perfect accompaniment to X-Particles; use any emitter to create particles that can then become part of your tree. Colonization is easy; create multiple trees, different species, and ages within a landscape.



Generates grass on any object to create barren desert-scapes to lush summer meadows. Scatter objects such as rocks as a layer, and you can add trees and shrubs to complete your landscape.

Multi-instance support speeds up the viewport scenes keeping load times quicker and lighter.




More Key Features

Taiao gives you the same power, flexibility and real-time ease-of-use as our other Fused products, so adding natural details and other custom elements is simple.



toFlower is now a stand-alone object, with its own procedural layering system. Build your flower with individual parts, petals, pistils, stamen, receptacles and sepals as separate layers. Each layer has its own modifier stack so that you can adjust turbulence and furling. Create many natural species or you can make an abstract flower.


The basic leaf in toPlant gives you simple leaves for fast, interactive control. Shape leaves with built-in splines and add thickness and materials for a simplistic leaf design. Use custom object for adding custom leaves and emitters for particle-based generated leaves. Alternatively, delve into our new toLeaf procedural leaf generator for even more control and detailing.

Custom Objects

Use custom objects to create natural-looking fruit or nuts to complete the details in your design. You can add flowers to your plants using toFlower, acorns to oak trees, coconuts to palms or fruit to bushes. Custom objects provide the tools to fine-tune the details on your trees and plants.



Cinema 4D Integration

Cinema 4D users will feel at ease when using Taiao. Like all INSYDIUM Fused Plugins, Taiao fits seamlessly into Cinema 4D where workflow, layers and hierarchy are standard.