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Our HDRI and PBR material packs provide the presets, environments and textures you need for your 3D scenes.


HDRIs and PBR Materials

Great lighting and texturing are the key to creating convincing, photo-realistic scenes, but can be time-consuming. Our range of 3D resources makes it easy to get visually stunning results, fast.

With our ready-to-use HDRIs you can create the perfect lighting and environment to enhance your artistic vision. Our PBR Materials give your models a real-life look and feel with minimum effort.

As a 3D artist, combining the ease-of-use of X-Particles and the realism of Cycles 4D with our 3D Resource Packs brings your creative ideas to life, quickly and easily.

Taiao Preset Pack

Get up and running fast with our Taiao Preset Pack. Build flowers, plants and trees, quickly and easily.

  • 10 Succulents
  • 20 Flowering plants
  • 30 Trees

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Nature Materials Pack

Inspired by nature, our 120 high-resolution drag-and-drop materials mean you can replicate the beauty of nature in no time.

Created using photogrammetry, each leaf is supplied with a front and a back variation. Both complete leaves and barks have all channels needed for full PBR material setups, color, height, normal, roughness, AO and alpha.

Available in 1K, 2K, and 4K resolution for use in any 3D render engine or compositing application.

  • 60 cropped leaves
  • 70 complete leaves
  • 50 Barks

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360 Skies

Create beautiful skyscapes for your 3D environments, from dusk 'til dawn and sun to storm.

Designed by INSYDIUM, 360 Skies offers 168 rendered, spherical sky HDRI maps, including morning, afternoon and night skies; sunrises, sunsets and Godrays.

Available in 3K, 6K and 12K resolution, as well as 16 animated versions, for use in any 3D render engine or compositing application. 

Updated in 2021 to include an additional 42 HDRI maps and 4 new animated versions.

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Material Packs

Cycles 4D and RedShift

Photo-realistic materials built from high-resolution image maps for all your 3D scenes.
Created by INSYDIUM's design team, these Material packs features 223 Cycles 4D and 214 Redshift tileable PBR shaders, including fabric, leather and skin; metals, plastic and car paint.

Available in 2K and 4K resolution, for use with INSYDIUM's Cycles 4D and Maxon’s Redshift.

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Architecture Packs

Cycles 4D and RedShift

Build accurate, realistic architectural scenes with our Architecture Pack.

Produced by INSYDIUM's design team, these packs include 338 Cycles 4D and 326 Redshift tileable PBR materials, created from high-resolution image maps, featuring bricks, concrete and wood; marble, stone and roofs.

Available in 2K and 4K resolution, for use with INSYDIUM's Cycles 4D and Maxon’s Redshift.

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Cycles 4D Starter Pack

Our first shaders pack to help get you started.

Use INSYDIUM's Cycles 4D Starter Pack materials to create quick and simple 3D scenes, or learn how Cycles 4D nodes fit together by taking them apart.

250 custom-made materials made by Rob Redman at Pariah Studios, including metal, wood, stone, brick and others, for use with INSYDIUM's Cycles 4D.