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What is a perpetual license?

Purchasing an INSYDIUM Fused License

When purchasing a new INSYDIUM Fused license, you can choose from three options: INSYDIUM Fused Complete, INSYDIUM Fused Create, or a Subscription.

INSYDIUM Fused Complete

Purchasing INSYDIUM Fused Complete grants you perpetual access to the full INSYDIUM Fused Collection. You will have access to the latest version available on the purchase date and all subsequent service updates for that release. To access future versions, you can purchase the Fused Complete Upgrade, which provides access to the latest release and all service updates for that version.

If you purchased a perpetual license prior to July 2023, please click here for relevant information.

INSYDIUM Fused Create

Purchasing an INSYDIUM Fused Create license allows you to select which elements of the INSYDIUM Fused Collection you need, with perpetual access to the latest version of each as of the purchase date, along with all service updates for that release. If you wish to expand your Create license in the future, you can return to the Create product, enter your license, and select additional elements.

For more information on perpetual licenses, please click here.


A subscription provides access to the entire INSYDIUM Fused Collection for the duration of your subscription period. This is an ideal option if you want ongoing access to the latest features and updates. For more details on subscription options, please click here.