Request a Trial of INSYDIUM Fused

INSYDIUM Fused Trial – Includes X-Particles, NeXus, Taiao, TerraformFX, MeshTools and Cycles 4D.

Please read the restrictions listed before requesting a Trial:

  • License: your Trial license will last for 14 days, there is no offline period so INSYDIUM Fused will require an active internet connection.
  • Notification: on first using a core element of Fused (such as an X-Particles emitter) a dialog will appear for a short time before it can be closed.
  • Render Nodes: Team Render/NET and Command Line Render are not supported.

Please Note:

  • You may only register for one Trial of INSYDIUM Fused.
  • Saving: Trial scene files can be saved but cannot be opened by the full commercial version or any other Fused Trial.
  • INSYDIUM Fused system requirements: X-Particles, NeXus, Taiao, MeshTools and Cycles 4D require Cinema 4D R19* or later. TerraformFX requires Cinema 4D R20 or later.
  • Cycles 4D does not support Apple M Series.

* The xpExplosiaFX OpenGL viewport display in X-Particles requires OpenGL and a supported GPU with up-to-date drivers. Due to Maxon removing OpenGL from Cinema 4D this feature is not supported in S22 and above.

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To request your free 14-day Trial of INSYDIUM Fused you will need to create a new Customer Account or have an existing account with no purchased product.

By submitting the Get Trial License button you agree to only use the INSYDIUM Fused Trial for trying the features and not to undertake commercial work, you also agree to allow us to contact you via your email address for marketing purposes. Your email address will not be passed on to any third-party and will only be used by INSYDIUM.

As a customer of INSYDIUM LTD, we need to keep your details on file. We'll use your name and email address to contact you about this Trial request.