What's New in Fused

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What's New in Fused

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What's new in X-Particles

X-Particles new features



What's new in NeXus

NeXus - Control



NeXus - Modifiers




The concept of Questions and Actions in X-Particles has been entirely revamped, incorporating advanced coding logic into an object-based hierarchy system. This system provides the capability to include loops, GLSL scripts, or simple particle tests, thus elevating the control over particles to a new level.

Data Mapping

The X-Particles Data Mapping concept has been incorporated into a newly redesigned, modern system for NeXus. This system allows you to create custom data maps to control various parts of any NeXus modifier, including constraints and fluids. With this system, you can create effects with simplicity and ease.


New to NeXus, nxUpres lets you work on low-resolution particle scenes, then transfer motion and increase the particle count to a secondary high-resolution nxUpres emitter. You can build a complex scene and have confidence in the final render.


Create stunning particle growth simulations with the new GPU-enhanced version of the xpInfectio modifier. Use nxInfectio to infect thousands of particles quickly and affect growth patterns. It's fast, robust and perfect for generating impressive visual effects.


Introducing nxWave, the GPU version of the xpWave modifier. Featuring faster GPU noises and adjustable wave height and frequency, catering to all your wave motion requirements.



What's new in Taiao

Taiao new features




The improved growth system provides the ability to animate the growth of each plant layer. Use keyframed leaves, flowers or custom objects, then animate them individually. By setting the leaf trigger mode to sequence, they will animate from the bottom to the top. Alternatively, you can use fields to grow the animated layers of your plant.


Taiao forces are now fully layer based, with individual control per plant layer. You can adjust the strength of forces along the length of the trunks and branches. Furthermore, you can use fields and the new curl option for leaves to add secondary deformation for more realistic results.

Modifier Stack

Modifier stack is a powerful new tool enhancing Taiao's toPlant, toLeave, and toFlower. With the per plant layer modifier stack, you can procedurally layer up modifiers like furling, turbulence, displacement and twist, then animate individual layers using fields.


toLeaf is the new procedural leaf generator. Create realistic leaves, ranging from standard to palmate and pinnate. Create vein structures and utilize the modifier stack, layer multiple folds, furling and turbulence for specific looks. Control the look of the profile orientation, distribution and size variation.



What's new in TerraformFX

TerraformFX new features




With the new operator tfRiver, you can create beautiful rivers based on your own custom splines. Alternatively, you can use a fully procedural Perlin worm and attach your river to a landscape by selecting the starting and ending points. The river system is based on layers and will follow the natural terrain for the main rivers. You can also add secondary river systems for complete creative control.



What's new in MeshTools

MeshTools – mtSplineFX



MeshTools - mtRayline




New procedural ray casting spline generator. Choose an object or an X-Particles emitter to cast rays from, add scene objects and the rays will be cast and bounce off that object. This will animate and update in real-time.


The new spline effects generation tool is perfect for creating forked lightning, designing cabling systems, detailed webbing designs, and complex electrical arcing systems. Use custom objects or particles to generate splines between the start and end objects, add gravity, growth, motion or avoid for varying effects.