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Do you offer any educational discounts?

Yes we offer discounts on some of our products for full-time students and teachers at non-profit educational institutions by using an educational coupon code.

You will need to prove your academic status before you are given access to your license/product.

Proof of academic status

All orders placed using an educational coupon code will only be processed after we receive proof of your academic status.
To send your proof, contact our Sales team and attach one of the following:

  • Valid student ID
  • Proof of employment by a school/university
  • Link referencing your work on a school/university site

After submitting your proof of academic status, please allow up to 3 working days for your order to complete.

Please note: Proof of academic status must be in the same name as the license is to be registered to and if purchasing as a teacher, the license must be registered to your academic email address.

Educational coupon codes

Licenses bought using an educational discount should not be used for commercial work.


We offer 50% discount on X-Particles products (excluding subscriptions) by adding the coupon code ACADEMIC in the shopping cart.
This can be used against the following products:

  • X-Particles (perpetual license)
  • INSYDIUM Bundle
  • X-Particles 3.5 Upgrade
  • X-Particles Maintenance Agreement
  • INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement

X-Particles Learning Edition

We offer 90% discount on X-Particles perpetual licenses by adding the coupon code STUDENT in the shopping cart.
This is for a Learning Edition of X-Particles and can only be used with the free Cinema 4D Educational License, as it saves in its own file format.

Cycles 4D

We offer 30% discount on Cycles 4D (excluding subscriptions) by adding the coupon code CYCEDU in the shopping cart.
This can be used against the following products:

  • Cycles 4D (perpetual license)
  • Cycles 4D Maintenance Agreement