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How to resolve Update issues

You can update your INSYDIUM plugin automatically through Cinema 4D or by downloading the latest build from your Customer Account.
If downloading the new build through your Customer Account, this can be installed as normal by following the installation video below:

If you update your plugin through Cinema 4D and receive an error message (see below), it means that your plugin has been installed in Program Files (Windows) or Applications (OSX), not the Cinema 4D Preferences. Please refer to the video instructions above to move your plugin to the correct folder and try again.

Unable to write to the X-Particles folder.
Please ensure the plugin is located in the correct plugins folder.
Please see the manual for more information.

Thank you.

This error occurs for security reasons because both Windows and OSX place restrictions on what can be done in the Program Files and Applications folders.

If the Update is still not working through Cinema 4D after the plugin has been moved to the correct location, please delete your current installation and download the new build from your Customer Account. This can then be installed by following the above video instructions.

NOTE: Automatically updated builds are only available for licenses within their Maintenance Period.