Smoke, Fire and Advection

Realistic smoke, fire and explosive simulations. You can export ExplosiaFX as a VDB volume and any render engine that can read the VDB data can then render the volume data.

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Create highly detailed smoke and fire simulations to Hollywood standard with xpExplosiaFX. Upres your low-resolution simulation to fine-tune the scene detail before going to final render.


Key Features

X-Particles beauty is its versatility, not only can you create realistic Fire and Smoke simulations. You can also mix ExplosiaFX, Fluid and Cloth to develop fantastic Advection effects.


OpenGL Display

Introducing an all-new xpExplosiaFX OpenGL display*.
Faster and with more detail than ever before, you can visualize your simulation and see all the incredible detail in the viewport. Control over transparency per channel lets you fine-tune your artwork to achieve your desired look.

* The xpExplosiaFX OpenGL viewport display in X-Particles requires OpenGL and a supported GPU with up-to-date drivers. Due to Maxon removing OpenGL from Cinema 4D this feature is not supported in S22 and above.

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Cinema 4D Deformer Support

New support for the built-in Cinema 4D deformers gives you more artistic control than ever before. Bend, twist and deform simulations into any shapes imaginable with the new Deformer support.

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Improved Object Velocity Support

You can drive the motion of a fluid with animated objects, which is perfect when creating effects like smoke from
a tire doing a burnout or the backwash from a helicopter blade close to the ground.


X-Particles Modifier

Deep integration into the X-Particles modifier toolset gives you a huge amount of control. Add custom winds and turbulences to shape the direction of your smoke and fire. In combination with the new xpFlowField you are able to direct your simulation along splines and objects.

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Particle Advection

Add realistic fluid dynamics to your particles. You can transfer physical and color data from explosions. Advection enables you to combine xpExplosiaFX with xpFluidFX and xpClothFX, giving you amazing results.

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