Smoke, Fire and Advection

Realistic smoke, fire and explosive simulations. You can export ExplosiaFX as a VDB volume, and any render engine that can read the VDB data can then render the volume data.

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Particle Advection

Add realistic fluid dynamics to your particles, you can also transfer physical and colour data from explosions. Advection enables you to combine ExplosiaFX with FluidFX and ClothFX, giving you amazing results.


Key Features

X-Particles beauty is its versatility, not only can you create realistic Fire and Smoke simulations. You can also mix ExplosiaFX, Fluid and Cloth to develop fantastic Advection effects.


Flowfield Modifier

Our velocity field generator, FlowField lets you create custom velocity field effects. You can drive particles and ExplosiaFX simulations with Splines, Object Tangents or Normals, and use the Cinema 4D noises to art direct your own custom turbulence. The possibilities with Flow Fields are endless. They can be mixed and layered to push directed particle effects to the next level.

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Emission Control

Endless possibilities with Emission Control, emit Smoke and Fire from geometry with texture support. Emit particles to paint the shape of the explosion, take full control over heat, fuel, smoke and velocity channels. Full Object and Particle Colour Support allows you to create Fire and Smoke from Fluid and ClothFX.

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OpenVDB Support

Our industry standard particle meshing, the powerful OpenVDB framework. With a streamlined workflow for meshing using our filtering system, you can layer up your effects, generate smooth flowing surfaces, remesh geometry objects or create complex models. OpenVDB enables you to entirely art direct meshes; you can take total control of your artwork. 

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X-Particles Modifier

Experience a huge amount of control due to the deep integration into the X-Particles modifier toolset. Add custom winds and turbulences to shape the direction of your smoke and fire. In combination with the new FlowField you are able to direct your simulation along splines and objects.

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Vorticity Refinement

The Vorticity feature of ExplosiaFX enables you to add fine details to your simulations. A high amount of vorticity will amplify the "curly" features in the fluid. This will allow you to create a wide range of fire and smoke effects from a small candle fire to large scale explosions.

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