Fluids and Grains

Our Liquid and Grain Solvers enable you to create stunning large and small-scale fluid simulations. From stunning beaches with waves and ocean spray to beautiful product shot splashes, giving you full control over the fine detail.

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With the all-new xpFluidFLIP, calculations are faster, simulations more realistic and there's a choice of FLIP and APIC fluid solvers. Enhance your xpFluidFLIP simulation using X-Particles modifiers and other dynamic objects, like xpFoam.


Key Features

From small to large-scale liquid and granular simulations, perfect crown splashes, generating thin sheets in fluid simulations and artist-driven wave generation, X-Particles has unique Solvers and Modifiers to create realistic fluid effects.



Create realistic water surfaces with the new generator xpOcean. You can adjust the wave height, wind speed, and choppiness for full artistic control.

Add realism by creating foam maps, set up a perfect loop using the Loop End Frame setting and use xpOcean in deformer mode for use on any scene geometry. Featuring several displacement space options, including Surface mode, enabling xpOcean work alongside other deformers.

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The xpSheeter object brings realism into small-scale fluid simulations by adding detailed thin film surfaces between fluid particles. This creates continuous surfaces, therefore pushing art directed fluids to a whole new level.

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FluidFX Granular Advection

Fuse fire and smoke simulations with xpFluidFX Granular to achieve different types of fracturing and dissolves.

The Advection feature of xpExplosiaFX can influence grain-particle movement combining the best of both worlds.

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Fluids and ExplosiaFX

Set your fluid simulations on fire with native xpExplosiaFX support. You can control fuel, temperature and smoke separately to create hyper-realistic burning effects.

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Foam and Spray

Enrich your fluid simulations with Foam dynamics. This feature enables you to generate foam, trapped air and spray particles on top of your xpFluidPBD and xpFluidFX simulations.

With full control of your fluids speed, wave crest curvature and particle compression, you can quickly customize the behavior and amount of foam and spray generated.

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From dry powder to wet slush, xpFluidFX allows you to create and art direct highly realistic snow scenes in an intuitive, artist-friendly way.

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