Create outstanding ParticleFX from Solar Systems, FUI, Holograms and medical visualizations to abstract artwork.

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Create cities, forests, whole ecosystems with our new generator xpScatter. Use any object to scatter, polygons, vertices, surface areas, textures or even surface illumination. Space your objects correctly using kill or push function, add variation to scale and rotation for a natural look.


Key Features

The essential driving forces behind X-Particles simulations; Dynamics to bring your particles to life, Generators to create geometry, splines and volumes, and Modifiers to control and manipulate your particles' behavior.



With the updated xpVertexMap, parametric objects and generators can have custom animated vertex maps.

Weight-painting effects include object polygons and vertices, particles, trails and even xpExplosiaFX simulations and new effects include ambient occlusion and object curvature.

Blend modes can be used to layer and mix multiple weight-painting effects in the all-new interface and you can even create color vertex maps for particle color-driven Wet Maps.

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Push Apart

xpPushApart is a new motion modifier in X-Particles. You can push particles apart based on distance or particle radius, manipulate particles to remove intersections and create dynamic packing effects. Use with other modifiers like xpScale for stunning, dynamic growth systems.


Trail Display

Visualize and render your customized velocity fields with the new Trail Display mode – adjust the trail length, transparency and color gradient.

Use Trail Display in xpFlowField, xpExplosiaFX and xpFluidFLIP to visualize the velocity vectors and use our new generator, xpDisplayRender to render Trail Display in Cycles 4D and Cinema 4D's Standard and Physical renderers.

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Simulate and Motion Emission

With the updated xpEmitter, look development is more intuitive and workflow more efficient. The new emission simulate mode enables particle birth to happen without playing the timeline. Set up, adjust and tweak emitter settings, and watch your particles update in real-time.

The new threshold slider for vertex map emission adds additional artistic control and subtlety. Workflow improvements include unified modifiers and questions tabs, for easier activation and deactivation - excellent for isolating and adjusting specific behaviors.

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Intersection Detection

Avoid intersecting by using the new intersection detection settings, available in xpNetwork, xpBranch and xpAvoid modifiers. You can freeze, kill or change particle direction on intersection detection. This feature enables you to create stunning networks, branches and growth systems.

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