Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics and Object Shattering are features of the new xpDynamics and xpShatter tools. The perfect solution for visual effects production, bend and shatter reality with X-Particles DynamicsFX.

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Stepping closer into the realms of fully dynamic Motion Design. The new xpDynamics tag can put every geometry and spline into the X-Particles system to interact with xpModifiers and dynamic systems like ExplosiaFX and FluidFX.


Key Features

xpDynamics and xpShatter are bringing Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics to X-Particles with an incredible amount of control via particle-based solving. xpShatter allows you to break apart any Scene Object, providing you with the perfect destruction tool, smash, shatter and collapse.


Particle Based Dynamics

Being particle-based means full control over your rigid and soft bodies using all X-Particle Modifiers. Simply apply an xpDynamics tag to your scene objects and see how the forces are creating:

  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Soft Body Dynamics
  • Spline Dynamics
  • xpGenerator Support
  • Mograph Cloner Support
  • Fluid Support
  • Questions & Actions
  • Spawning
  • Modifiers
  • ExplosiaFX

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Recursive Shattering

The new xpShatter allows you to break apart any Scene Object. Use Objects, Splines, Particles and Point Generators to control shattering! Multiple shatters can be triggered using Time, Speed, Volumes and Collisions. Recursive shattering can be simulated by layering up unlimited shatter layers and triggers.

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Geometric Dissection

xpShatter provides full control over slicing your models into precise pieces by allowing the use of multiple shatter sources such as Curves, Primitives, Custom Geometry and Particles. With xpShatter you can choose between volume and surface-only shattering, giving you many options for geometric dissection.

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X-Particles Integration

Full integration means you can use X-Particles Modifiers, Questions & Actions, Data Mapping and Dynamics to control the shattered object pieces. You’ve even got presets to help you quickly create Glass and Wood Shatter Models.

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