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I have an Apple M1, will my INSYDIUM plugins work?

Yes, INSYDIUM Fused is natively compatible with Apple M1 systems in Cinema 4D R23 and newer, except Cycles 4D, which cannot be used on these machines as it does not have silicon support.

Please note that the INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition is not compatible with M1 systems.

INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition

We offer a 90% discount on INSYDIUM Fused licenses for full-time students and teachers at non-profit educational institutions. The INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition can be purchased from our shop.

This is for a Learning Edition of INSYDIUM Fused that includes X-Particles, NeXus, Taiao, TerraformFX, MeshTools and Cycles 4D and can only be used with the Maxon One Student license (available to students and faculty).

You will need to prove your academic status and your order will not be processed until we receive valid proof.

View information on accepted academic proofs.

To send your proof, contact our Sales team and attach a relevant document.

INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition licenses are valid for a period of 6 months and to renew, you will need to re-provide proof of academic status. Renewals are limited to a maximum of 5 per license within a 3 year period.

Please note: The INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition saves in its own file format and scene files created using this license type cannot be opened in the full version of INSYDIUM Fused. The Learning Edition is also not compatible with MacOS M1 systems.

The INSYDIUM Fused Learning Edition should not be used for commercial work.

If you do not have the Maxon One Student license (available to students and faculty) or the educational license for teaching (available to educational institutions), you may be eligible for an Academic license with a 50% discount. View information on Academic licenses.