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What happens when my Maintenance expires?

When you buy a perpetual INSYDIUM Fused license it comes with a 12-month Maintenance Agreement which includes many benefits, accessible when logged into your Customer Account.

After 12 months, your Maintenance Agreement expires and your X-Particles license will still be valid, but you will no longer have access to the full INSYDIUM Fused Collection, including other INSYDIUM plugins. A new Maintenance Agreement needs to be purchased to continue accessing INSYDIUM Fused.

To continuously access Fused, you should buy a new Maintenance Agreement before it expires, during your Maintenance Period.

After expiry, we give you up to 12 months to buy a new Maintenance Agreement during the Reactivation Period, but you will miss out on access to Fused until you ‘reactivate’.

After the Reactivation Period, we give you a further 12-month Last Chance Period to buy a new Maintenance Agreement, but it will cost you more to cover the number of Updates that will be released over the two years.

Buying Maintenance during the Maintenance or Reactivation Period will add 12 months to your existing expiry date. If you buy Maintenance during the Last Chance Period, 24 months will be added to your existing expiry date.

If you wait until 24 months after your Maintenance expires, you are Too Late and can no longer buy a new Maintenance Agreement for that license. The only options are to buy a new perpetual license or take out an INSYDIUM Fused Subscription.