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INSYDIUM Fused Complete

INSYDIUM Fused Complete 2024.2 – everything an artist needs in one collection.

An INSYDIUM Fused Complete license gives you permanent access* to all Fused plugins.

When you buy INSYDIUM Fused Complete; you will receive a perpetual license of:

  • X-Particles
  • NeXus
  • Taiao
  • TerraformFX
  • MeshTools
  • Cycles 4D

You will also receive:

  • Service Updates for your version
  • Historic Builds
  • Library Assets
  • Additional seat**

To access future Release Updates, you will need to purchase an INSYDIUM Fused Complete Upgrade.

* License is for the current version of Fused at the time of purchase, which will work with a compatible version of Cinema 4D.

** Single-seat licenses can be used on two machines at once. One additional seat per customer.

Please note: Maintenance is not available for this product.

System Requirements

X-Particles, NeXus, Taiao, Cycles 4D and MeshTools require Cinema 4D R19* or later.

TerraformFX requires Cinema 4D R20 or later.

Your computer will need a processor that has AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions).

Modern NVIDIA, AMD, Intel or Apple M Series GPU with at least 4GB of VRAM, support for Vulkan, sufficient compute capability for advanced GPU tasks, and up-to-date, stable drivers for software compatibility.

Cycles 4D does not support Apple M Series. For more information, please go to our Knowledge Base.

* The xpExplosiaFX OpenGL viewport display in X-Particles requires OpenGL and a supported GPU with up-to-date drivers. Due to Maxon removing OpenGL from Cinema 4D, this feature is not supported in S22 and above.

Operating System

Windows 7 or later, or macOS Mojave (10.14.6) or later.

The email address used when purchasing INSYDIUM Fused will become your registered license email address. This same email address will need to be entered when requested, in order to use INSYDIUM Fused.

Licensing is done online so you need an internet connection. For more information, see our Knowledge Base.

On some Windows systems, you may get a warning that you are missing some runtime files. If so, go to our Knowledge Base where you can download them.

MacOS Catalina (10.15) and newer users may experience security warnings when installing. If so, go to our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to proceed.

Anonymous Usage Statistics

INSYDIUM Fused sends Anonymous Usage Statistics; this option can be found in the INSYDIUM Preferences. The statistics gathered are entirely anonymous; no personal information is stored.

  • INSYDIUM Fused Complete

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