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Wednesday, 21 September 2022

INSYDIUM Fused Update

INSYDIUM Fused Update is available to all users with a Subscription, everyone who buys a new license and existing customers with Maintenance.

What’s new in INSYDIUM Fused?


This Update includes a brand-new addition to the Fused Collection - NeXus, a GPU particle and simulation system that integrates perfectly into the X-Particles ecosystem. NeXus harnesses the power of Vulkan. Our cross-platform particle simulation framework brings fluids, grains, constraints and particle modifiers onto the GPU.

To receive our new plugin, you will need to have either a Subscription or a license in Maintenance. One of the benefits of being in Maintenance is your access to NeXus.


We’ve also introduced a new feature in Taiao. Our new Growth tab gives you control over branches, which can be added dynamically. Fields now work with leaves, flowers and custom objects. Users can animate leaves growing on a tree, driven by Fields.


In addition, MeshTools has an update to mtEdgeSpline, a new offset with count and rotation. Furthermore, the new mtFractal, a procedural fractal tool, enables you to generate intricate fractals using preset patterns. Finally, TerraformFX has a new feature - tfWarp, which distorts the input height field using a low-res control grid of 2D displacement vectors.

We’ve also made bug fixes to increase performance and stability throughout INSYDIUM Fused, which is fully compatible with Cinema 4D 2023.

New Maintenance Benefit

All licenses in Maintenance and Subscriptions now include a complimentary extra seat*. Single seat licenses can now be used on two machines at once. If your license falls out of Maintenance, the additional seat is removed, another great reason to stay in Maintenance.

* 1 complimentary seat per customer

To see the complete feature list, including additions to our Library Assets and new feature explainers, visit What’s New.

How do I access the Update?

If you have a Subscription or are in Maintenance, you’ll receive this Update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Online Updater. Alternatively, you can download the latest Update from your Customer Account.

If your license is out of maintenance, visit our shop to buy Fused Maintenance. Once you purchase, you can download our latest Release Update via your Customer Account.

Maintenance is more flexible for everyone; we’ve separated our two products, so you decide what you want to buy.

We want to make things simpler; a new INSYDIUM Fused license is now £500 ex VAT and ships with a 90-day preview of all our additional plugins and Library Assets, but does not include Updates. Fused Maintenance is £250 ex VAT. The combined price has stayed the same as before; it has not increased.

However, we recommend you buy both products at the same time to take advantage of a 15% off incentive offer. Having Maintenance allows you 12 months of access to all additional plugins and Updates, plus many other Maintenance benefits.

For customers with a license purchased before 21st September 2022, click here for Maintenance discounts and more information.

If you need more help, visit our Support section, where you’ll find our INSYDIUM Video Manuals for all our Fused elements.

If you’ve got any questions, we’re here to help. You can find lots of information in our useful Knowledge Base.


This Update includes a brand-new addition to the Fused collection - NeXus, a GPU particle and simulation system that integrates perfectly into the X-Particles ecosystem.