Fused Maintenance

Details of our Maintenance Agreements, what’s included and options available.

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About Fused Maintenance Agreements

When you buy a perpetual Fused license, you will receive a digital download of the latest plugin builds; this is a license for those versions – the X-Particles license is yours to keep and will work with a compatible version of Cinema 4D.

A perpetual license comes with a 12-month Maintenance Agreement which includes many benefits, accessible when logged into your Customer Account.

After 12 months, your Maintenance Period expires and a new Maintenance Agreement needs to be purchased to continue accessing Updates and Fused benefits.

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What's Included?

Having a Maintenance Agreement allows you to access many Fused benefits:


Fused Plugin Updates

We’re constantly developing and improving our products. With a Maintenance Agreement, you’ll get our Plugin Updates automatically and our historic builds are available too.

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3D Resources

Great lighting and texturing are the key to creating convincing, photo-realistic scenes, but can be time-consuming. Our range of 3D resources makes it easy to get visually stunning results, fast.

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Premium Training

Over 26 hours of Premium Training created by INSYDIUM's particle genius and particle FX Trainer, Jon Bosley. Particle FX is broken down into over 16 hours of pure X-Particles training.

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Maintenance Training

With a Maintenance Agreement, you get exclusive access to our easy-to-follow Maintenance Training from your Customer Account, teaching you how to get the results you want.

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Technical Support

If you have a Maintenance Agreement, you can access in-depth, specialized help with using your product, support with your project scene files or specific feature support.

Technical Support

Content Repository

There are exclusive Content Repository scene files available if you have a Maintenance Agreement, and these can be downloaded when logged into your Customer Account.

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What happens when your Fused Maintenance expires?

After your Maintenance Agreement expires, your X-Particles license will still be valid, but you will no longer receive the benefits included with Maintenance.


After your Maintenance Agreement expires, your X-Particles perpetual license will still be valid. But you will no longer have access to Taiao, TerraformFX, MeshTools, and Cycles 4D plugins or receive the benefits included with Maintenance.

To continuously access Fused benefits, you should buy a new Maintenance Agreement before it expires, during your Maintenance Period.

After expiry, we give you up to 12 months to buy a new Maintenance Agreement during your Reactivation Period, but you will miss out on Updates and Fused benefits until you ‘reactivate’.

After your Reactivation Period, we give you a further 12-month Last Chance Period to buy a new Maintenance Agreement, but it will cost you more to cover the number of Updates that will be released over the two years.

Buying Maintenance during your Maintenance or Reactivation Period will add 12 months to your existing expiry date. If you buy Maintenance during your Last Chance Period, 24 months will be added to your existing expiry date.

If you wait until 24 months after your Maintenance expires, you are Too Late and can no longer buy a new Maintenance Agreement for that license. The only options are to buy a new perpetual Fused license or take out a Fused Subscription.

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Maintenance Pricing


New perpetual license £750
3-Monthly Subscription £129/3 months
6-Monthly Subscription £210/6 months
Annual Subscription £348/year
The prices shown are full priced per license/seat and exclude VAT.