Why Cycles 4D?

Cycles 4D is a dedicated bridge plugin allowing Cinema 4D users to access the Cycles rendering engine directly inside Cinema 4D. Cycles is Blenders physically-based production renderer which uses your GPU/CPU for faster rendering.

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A powerful and versatile workflow

Cycles 4D’s material system is completely nodal, giving you the power to create unlimited materials and effects. INSYDIUM has designed the system with users in mind, making a modern nodal system that works and feels like an extension of Cinema 4D. You’ll find our nodes functional, easy to use and incredibly fast.


Flexible Nodes

  • Each individual setting has its own slider bar which works smoothly.
  • For precise numbers, double click and add specific values.
  • If you wish to use keyframes, you can.
  • Double click on nodes to collapse them automatically, you can hide input and outputs that aren’t in use.
  • Make custom nodes by using the powerful grouping system.
  • Building an extensive node tree does not slow down or cause lag in the Node Editor.
  • Three types of Connections between nodes - Small tangents, Bezier or Linear connection.



Lighting and Texturing

The latest speed improvements in the Cycles 4D Real-Time Preview and Node Editor have raised lighting and texturing in Cinema 4D to a new level.

Cycles 4D is compatible with PBR texturing software such as Substance Painter and Designer so creating your own 'look' is fast and easy.

Micropolygon displacement can influence very tiny surface details. Cycles 4D volumetric lighting lets you simulate highly realistic atmosphere effects.

Cryptomatte support makes working with hundreds of compositing objects a breeze. Extracting multiple render elements such as diffuse colour, glossy, transmission colour, emission and Z-depth gives fine control over the image at compositing stage.

Cycles 4D Key Features   


The power and speed of Cycles

Cycles 4D lets you harness the speed and versatility of Blender's Cycles render engine. With full native X-Particles support it's the perfect render companion to produce stunning results.


Real-Time Preview

The Real-Time Preview window gives you a high-quality render which updates as you make changes in your viewport. The preview updates and cleans up incredibly quickly giving you an excellent idea and representation as to what the final render will look like on output.





Working Together

Cycles is a physically based, unbiased GPU/CPU render engine developed by the Blender Foundation and made available under the Apache 2 licensing system.

INSYDIUM LTD would like to thank The Blender Foundation for enabling us to utilize their technology.

You can donate to the Blender Foundation to offer your support.