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Wednesday, 22 November 2023

Wondering whether to switch to INSYDIUM Fused Complete?

We talk you through the differences between our Complete perpetual license and our original Maintenance model.

If your perpetual license starts with XPL or IFL, you might be wondering whether to switch to INSYDIUM Fused Complete via the Complete Upgrade. Read on to decide if moving from Maintenance to full perpetual suits you.


Fused Complete Upgrade vs. Fused Maintenance: what's the difference?

INSYDIUM Fused Complete Upgrade

The Complete Upgrade will switch your license to a Complete license, which gives you permanent access* to the full INSYDIUM Fused Collection, including related Service Updates. You will not receive Release Updates–when a Release Update is available, you will need to purchase another Complete Upgrade to gain access to the latest version.

INSYDIUM Fused Maintenance

The Maintenance option gives you 12 months access to the full INSYDIUM Fused Collection, including all Updates. If you do not renew your Maintenance after your 12-month expiry, you will retain access to X-Particles only.




  • Price
  • License
  • X-Particles
  • NeXus
  • Taiao
  • TerraformFX
  • MeshTools
  • Cycles 4D
  • Updates
  • Library Assets
  • One additional seat per customer
  • Historic Builds
  • If purchased before your
    current Maintenance expires:

Complete Upgrade

  • £350
  • Full Perpetual*
  • Free
  • Service Updates†
  • Your license will switch to Complete
    on your Maintenance expiry date.


  • £250/year
  • Perpetual X-Particles*
  • Free
  • 365 days will be added to your
    Maintenance expiry date.

*License will work with a compatible version of Cinema 4D.
†For your version.
‡For 12 months.


What are the benefits of switching to INSYDIUM Fused Complete via the Upgrade?

Get permanent access to all Fused plugins.

Upgrade to the latest version when it suits you.

Keep it simple with no more Maintenance.


Why might I choose to stick with Maintenance?

If your license currently has Maintenance, the best option for you will depend on whether or not you intend to keep your Maintenance up to date and if you require access to Updates as soon as they are released.

If you'd like to keep your license up to date, we recommend purchasing Maintenance for your license as it would be more cost-effective.


Which license model is best?

If you are still wondering which license model is best, Maintenance vs. Complete, there is no right or wrong answer - only what works best for you or your business.

For more specific information about Maintenance vs. Complete depending on your current license status visit our Knowledge Base.


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