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Tuesday, 15 August 2023

New Product Announcement

INSYDIUM Fused 2023.3 was released in July this year; during this time, we introduced a new product into the shop.

Introducing INSYDIUM Fused Complete Upgrade

Does your perpetual license start with XPL or IFL?

If so, you can switch to an INSYDIUM Fused Complete license by purchasing a Complete Upgrade. If your Maintenance has expired, you can switch your license and make it truly perpetual. If you buy the INSYDIUM Fused Upgrade while your license is still in Maintenance, your license will be converted to Complete on your Maintenance expiry date.

The INSYDIUM Fused Complete Upgrade gives you permanent access to the latest Release Update and all the Service Updates for that version. You’ll also retain access to the full INSYDIUM Fused Collection X-Particles, NeXus, Taiao, TerraformFX, MeshTools and Cycles 4D.


What happens after switching to a Fused Complete License?

Once you’ve switched to a Fused Complete license, access to future Release Updates will be available to purchase as an Upgrade. Maintenance will not be required.

Maintenance is still available and unchanged, and you can continue to buy Maintenance each year; the choice is yours.

If you are unsure which one to choose, please contact our Sales team, who will explain your options.

To see the complete feature list and watch the new feature explainers, visit What’s New.

Anyone interested in accessing INSYDIUM Fused 2023.3 can find a variety of choices to suit their needs in our shop.

Introducing INSYDIUM Fused Complete Upgrade.