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Wednesday, 5 July 2023

INSYDIUM Fused 2023.3 Update

This Update is available to everyone who buys a new license and customers with a Subscription, or a license in Maintenance.

What’s new in INSYDIUM Fused?

This latest Update comes with exciting new features and improvements.


NeXus includes new GPU-enhanced versions of our X-Particles favorite features and modifiers. Harnessing the power of the GPU, making complex animations faster and more efficient.

The redesigned nxQuestion now has advanced coding logic integrated into an object-based hierarchy system, allowing for particle control at a new level.

Data Mapping has been added to the NeXus infrastructure, enabling the creation of custom data maps to control various parts of any NeXus modifier, including constraints and fluids. Additionally, new features such as nxFlock, nxInfectio, nxWave, nxUpres and nxAvoid have been introduced.


Taiao has undergone a significant overhaul, with new animation tools for growth effects and realistic forces. You’ll find these enhancements bring improvements to artistic workflow and organization.


MeshTools now includes mtRayline, a procedural ray casting spline generator, and mtSplineFX, an excellent tool for creating forked lightning, designing cabling and electrical arcing systems.


TerraformFX has been updated with powerful new tools for landscape generation and animation, such as design, lighting, rendering, texturing and simulating.


X-Particles has seen caching improvement and various other refinements.

To see the complete feature list and new feature explainers, visit What’s New.

How do I access the Update?

If you have a Subscription or are in Maintenance, you’ll receive this Update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Online Updater. Alternatively, you can download the latest Update from your Customer Account.

If your license is out of maintenance, visit our shop to buy Fused Maintenance. Once you purchase, you can download our latest Release Update via your Customer Account.

If you need more help, visit our Support section, where you’ll find our INSYDIUM User Manuals for all our Fused plugins.

If you’ve got any questions, we’re here to help. You can find lots of information in our useful Knowledge Base.


This latest Update comes with
exciting new features and improvements.