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Monday, 8 January 2024

Fused Maintenance has moved from our Shop

If your perpetual license starts with XPL or IFL, you can buy Maintenance directly from your Customer Account.

Fused Maintenance is now available directly within your Customer Account. This convenient new feature makes it easier for customers with a license starting with XPL or IFL to renew their Maintenance. Moving Fused Maintenance into your Customer Account provides a streamlined experience for our valued customers, allowing you to manage your license and Maintenance needs conveniently.


Access your Customer Account

Log in to your account, select the Fused license you wish to renew, from the drop-down menu, and purchase Maintenance. This enhancement not only simplifies the process of managing your Fused Maintenance but also provides a centralized hub for other important account-related tasks. You can download your software, access invoices, review Terms and Conditions and manage marketing preferences, all from the convenience of your Customer Account.

If your perpetual license starts with XPL or IFL, you have choices. You can buy Maintenance, but if that license model no longer fulfills your needs, it might be time to switch to INSYDIUM Fused Complete.


Fused Complete Upgrade vs. Fused Maintenance



  • Price
  • License
  • X-Particles
  • NeXus
  • Taiao
  • TerraformFX
  • MeshTools
  • Cycles 4D
  • Updates
  • Library Assets
  • One additional seat per customer
  • Historic Builds
  • If purchased before your
    current Maintenance expires:

Complete Upgrade

  • £350
  • Full Perpetual*
  • Service Updates†
  • Your license will switch to Complete
    on your Maintenance expiry date.


  • £250/year
  • Perpetual X-Particles*
  • 365 days will be added to your
    Maintenance expiry date.

*License will work with a compatible version of Cinema 4D.
†For your version.
‡For 12 months.


Find out more about switching to INSYDIUM Fused Complete

If you're wondering whether to switch to Fused Complete read our news article.

For more information about Fused Maintenance and Fused Complete Upgrade, visit our Knowledge Base. Alternatively, contact our Sales team if you have any further questions.