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The INSYDIUM Bridge free download for the Cinema 4D Community.

We created a Bridge plugin for Cinema 4D that can load plugins from R12 to R19 and enable them to work in R20 to S22. Where Cinema 4D R20 and above has changed in functionality, older plugins may not work.

Please Note: The INSYDIUM Bridge is not guaranteed to work with ALL Plugins. If you find a plugin that the Bridge is not compatible with, please contact the plugin's developer. We can then work together to find a solution.

Please use the form below to register for your free copy of the INSYDIUM Bridge. You will be emailed a download link.

Important Notice:

Only the latest release of X-Particles will work with Cinema 4D R20 and above. The INSYDIUM Bridge won't allow you to use previous versions of X-Particles (e.g. X-Particles 3.5) with R20 and above.
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