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Thursday, 20 June 2019

X-Particles Public Release - Out 8th July!

The latest X-Particles Release is coming soon! All customers with up-to-date Maintenance will receive this release.

What’s New?

Bob talks us through just a few of the new features coming in this Public Release.

  • xpSplash and xpSheeter - X-Particles fluids just got better! Combine xpSheeter with xpSplash for amazingly realistic and art-directable crown splashes.
  • xpShatter with xpDynamics - We’ve brought particle-based dynamics to the X-Particles system. Make any scene object behave dynamically with one tag. Also, xpShatter breaks scene objects apart with recursive shattering capabilities. Pair xpShatter with xpDynamics for limitless possibilities.
  • Introducing the all New xpSplineGrowth, xpDisplayRender and xpQuickTools. xpSplineGrowth allows you to animate and manipulate Trails and Splines. Also, now you can render particle display types such as arrows or pyramids with xpDisplayRender. Another newcomer is xpQuickTools, a one-click solution in setting up commonly used X-Particles scenes and settings. Not forgetting our xpInherit Modifier – we’ve added new probability and weighting functions – watch Bob’s latest video to find out more.

Alongside these new and exciting additions we’ve updated some of our existing features, and of course, done many bug fixes.

We’ll be sharing more information over the next couple of weeks, just keep checking this page.

Remember, you’ll only receive this release if your Maintenance is up-to-date.


How do I find out if my maintenance is up-to-date?

You can find this information in your X-Particles License Manager inside Cinema 4D from X-Particles menu > Help and Support > X-Particles License Manager.


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Alongside these new and exciting additions we’ve updated some of our existing features in the latest Public Release of X-Particles