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Thursday, 28 March 2019

X-Particles Early Access update – 28th March 2019, Build 690

What’s new in this build?

We’ve created some awesome New Features, such as; xpQuickTools, a one-click solution in setting up commonly used X-Particles scenes and settings. Giving you 25 scene pre-sets, guaranteed to speed up your workflow during production.

xpDynamics Tag, which is fully integrated into the X-Particles system, and works with Fluids, Smoke, Fire and Constraints. Dynamic Objects can be controlled and art-directed using X-Particles Emitters, Modifiers, Questions & Actions, and Data Mapping. 

xpShatter, Particle based shattering system, our new object-breaking engine is ideal for visual effects production and works in perfect harmony with our new xpDynamics. 

These are just a small example of what’s new, for more information visit our Early Access Page and watch Bob’s explainer videos! 

Alongside these new and exciting features we’ve updated some of our existing features, and of course, done many bug fixes. Find out more...

You will only receive this release if your Maintenance is up to date. The NAB Sale is an ideal time to buy your Maintenance Agreement for half the price, even if it isn’t due to expire. Each Maintenance Agreement will run consecutively – giving you peace of mind and guaranteed receipt of massive feature updates. Find out more about our NAB Sale...


Already in The Early Access Programme – Here’s How to get the latest updates

  1. Go Edit menu > Preferences (hotkey Ctrl + E).
  2. Select X-Particles on the left.
  3. Tick the box 'Show Early Access Updates'.
  4. X-Particles menu – Help and Support menu. Select - Check for X-Particles Online Updater.
  5. Click Check for updates now.



Please Note: You can choose to try these features with our Early Access Programme. It should be mostly bug-free, but you don’t have to use it. It’s up to you.


New and exciting features, updated existing features, and of course, many bug fixes.