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Thursday, 9 May 2024

INSYDIUM Fused 2024.2 Release Update is now available

The INSYDIUM Fused 2024.2 Update introduces INSYDIUM Fused Create, enabling you to build your own collection with the flexibility to add more later.

Introducing INSYDIUM Fused Create

With the INSYDIUM Fused 2024.2 Update, not only have we added new features, significantly increased the speed and enhanced the overall usability, we have also introduced a new product, INSYDIUM Fused Create.

If you’re exploring INSYDIUM Fused for the first time, this new product enables you to build your own perpetual suite of tools by selecting only the components you need for your projects.

Based on the success of the Open Beta collaboration and customer feedback, this new flexibility allows you to choose the components you require, with the option to add more later as needed.

Create Your Own Collection

You can now select individual products from INSYDIUM Fused. If, at a later date, you decide to expand your collection, simply return to the shop and select another product to add to your existing suite.

If you want all of INSYDIUM Fused, go for the Complete option to save and have the full collection at your fingertips. INSYDIUM Fused Complete is available as either a perpetual license or as a Subscription.

What's New in INSYDIUM Fused 2024.2 Update

NeXus has enhanced GPU efficiency and introduced new modifiers for sophisticated particle effects. Taiao now features more procedural options for plant growth and realistic vein structures in leaves. TerraformFX's overhaul includes a new Advanced Terrain Shader that leverages satellite imagery for realistic terrain coloring, and a distribution filter for environmental detailing. MeshTools has expanded its toolkit with innovative features like mtPolyFold and mtPointProject, enhancing procedural modeling capabilities.


This update significantly enhances NeXus and its GPU core, making the core more efficient, calculations faster, and VRAM usage reduced. The new particle-to-object collisions offer massive speed improvements and handle complex animated geometry with ease.

NeXus now includes four additional modifiers:

  • nxColor: for layering and blending sophisticated coloring effects.
  • nxCover: for covering points, edges, and volumes of scene objects and splines with particles.
  • nxFollowGeo: for aligning particles with the edges and surfaces of objects and splines.
  • nxSticky: for sticking particles to static and animated objects.


Taiao has further improved its usability with additions to the Growth Point layer in toPlant, offering more procedural options for scattered objects, including scale, rotation, and separation. The toLeaf component introduces a layer-based venation system, which can build complex, realistic vein structures and now comes with leaf presets.

Additionally, modifiers have been upgraded, featuring updated furling options to prevent the intersection of leaves and flowers.


The TerraformFX overhaul is significant, introducing the powerful new Advanced Terrain Shader, a procedural texturing tool and terrain map generator. This advanced shader utilizes and blends data channels—including the newly added 'Curvature'—to mix colors for landscapes, accurately mapping them to over 1450 Terrain Color Palettes. These palettes are sampled from worldwide satellite imagery, ensuring the realistic shading of terrains.

Furthermore, tfDistribute, a new filter, allows for the distribution of rocks, shrubs, trees, and even custom objects on terrains, enhancing environmental detail. The brand-new Noise generator can create almost limitless terrain shapes and rock formations, offering unprecedented control and creativity in terrain design.


MeshTools has seen exciting updates to both mtInset and mtSubdivider. It has also been enhanced with powerful new procedurally-based tools added to the modeling toolkit.

  • mtPolyFold enables folding and peeling effects from points that you control.
  • mtPointProject allows you to project the points of objects or splines onto the surface of other scene geometry.

Both features can be controlled with materials, shaders, and fields, providing greater versatility and creativity in modeling.

INSYDIUM Fused 2024.2 Update Out Now!
New features and speed improvements.
Introducing INSYDIUM Fused Create.