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Thursday, 4 May 2023


We are reminding everyone about some of the Free Resources available. We recommend you explore some of our latest offerings.

We’ve updated our Content Repository!

Our Content Repository provides access to multiple study files and work examples created for INSYDIUM Fused. As well as updating most of the existing scene files, we’ve introduced some new ones to download and learn with!

YouTube – Go have a look, we’ve got lots to share.

If you haven’t already, Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We’ve got some great new content for you to enjoy.

Check out the following!

Top Tip Tuesday - If you’re short on time, these tips are under 10 minutes long and full of helpful information.

INSYDIUM Official Training - You’ll find our most up-to-date training, produced over the last 12 months.

NAB 2023 Training - We’ve created six training videos detailing certain simulation aspects from our NAB Sales promotion. You’ll find two parts on the following subjects, NeXus Friction, Crystal Shatter, and Tension Fluids.

Finally, watch The Making Of our NAB Sales video if you love a breakdown video. You’ll be given insight into how our Creative Director Mario Tran Phuc created his latest masterpiece.

Check out our FREE resources –
we’ve got lots to share.