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Thursday, 4 April 2019

Cycles 4D Public Release Build 321 is out now!

Great News, our latest release of Cycles 4D is out Now! It’s available for customers with up-to-date maintenance.

Amazing new release

This release is a huge leap forward, we’ve rewritten the Node Editor for increased speed and efficiency.

The Real-Time preview is faster and smoother, and we’ve included loads of cool New Features:

  • New Core (62173 Jan 2019)
  • Cycles 4D now works on GPU (CUDA) and CPU 
  • New Cryptomatte for compositing
  • New Simple Motion Blur
  • New Ambient Occlusion node 
  • New Bevel node 
  • New Principled Volume node 
  • New Principled Hair node 
  • New IES node

The list goes on, check out our Brand New Cycles 4D product pages for more information. Or watch Bob’s overview of just some of these fantastic new features. Hopefully, you’ll do both.

Eligible Cycles 4D owners will receive this update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Cycles 4D Online Updater. Alternatively, the email you received from INSYDIUM LTD when you purchased our software, contains a download link; this link will provide you with our latest version of Cycles 4D.



This release is a huge leap forward with loads of cool New Features