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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Cactus Dan’s & many other Plugins now work in Cinema 4D R20

Soon you’ll be able to download and enjoy Cactus Dan’s CD Tools for FREE

Daniel K. Libisch AKA “Cactus Dan” created a set of plug-ins for Cinema 4D called CD Tools. These plug-ins were invaluable for character rigging within Cinema 4D. The community, including our very own Mike Batchelor, have a great deal of respect for Cactus Dan.

We at INSYDIUM have been fortunate enough to receive the code from Dan’s family & friends and would like to enable his tools to live on.

With the creation of our new bridge, we have been able to get the full set of Cactus Dan’s CD Tools working within Cinema 4D versions R14 – R20*.


Soon you’ll be able to download and enjoy CD Tools for FREE in our new Community Area.

The team have been busy testing many other 3rd Party Plugins in R20 using our Bridge, with great success. We hope to make this Bridge freely available to Cinema 4D users shortly.

*Please note, there will be no support provided for CD Tools. 









Daniel K.Libisch AKA Cactus Dan

28th Nov 1954 - 20th Sept 2016