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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

4th Service Update for Cycles 4D

We recently released our 4th Service Update – Build 247 for Cycles 4D.

This update contains bug fixes and lots of great new features, all of which will increase performance and stability. This is available to all customers covered by the Cycles 4D maintenance contract. Rest assured, we will continue to make these improvements to our products and services.

Cycles 4D owners will receive this update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Cycles 4D Online Updater. Alternatively, the email you received from INSYDIUM LTD when you purchased our software, contains a download link; this link will provide you with our latest version of Cycles 4D.

This build supports Cinema 4D R14 and R15, which means that Cycles 4D works with Cinema 4D R14 through to R19.


  • X-Particles 4 xpExplosiaFX direct rendering.
  • New Matrix Info node has been added to enable rendering of a Mograph Matrix object without geometry.
  • Post-effects such as Filmic, Bloom and Glare added to the cyCamera tag.
  • Cycles 4D materials can be baked to texture maps.
  • Material stacking in the same way as Cinema 4D materials.

Real-Time Preview

  • Supports previewing the selected node.
  • Fit option which will resize the render in the window to fit the window.
  • Non-rendering borders shown when the 'Fit' command is used.
  • Lock Camera button.

Node Editor

  • Node groups saved to disk (as .cyg files) can now drag-and-dropped directly into the node editor.
  • Frame node has been added to the node editor.
  • Aligning/sorting of nodes in the editor can now be done using icons on the top border of the editor.
  • Node editor has an improved interactive search field to make it easier to locate a specific node.
  • Connecting wires between nodes can be toggled between straight and curved wires.
  • A new 'mini-map' (or global viewer) has been added to the node editor.
  • Node list in the editor is colour-coded using the same colours as in the node title bars.
  • Attribute node and associated tag can be created automatically by dragging and dropping a tag into the node editor (this includes selection tags and vertex map tags).


  • Outport of a node can be connected to the inports of multiple other selected nodes simultaneously.
  • Selected nodes can be connected using a hotkey (F) press.
  • When hovered over a group/frame it will be highlighted; a selected node can be added to a hovered-over group/frame with a context menu click.
  • Selected nodes can be muted using a 'mute' button on the node border.
  • A node can be 'shaken' in the node editor to disconnect it from other nodes.
  • New 'Pivot' node has been added.
  • Alpha input port in the Output node.
  • Double-clicking a node title bar collapses the node and collapsed nodes all have the same width.

Other Changes

  • 'X-Particles Tag' renamed to the 'Instance Tag'.
  • Rotating the cyEnvironment object in the viewport now rotates any assigned texture automatically.
  • Cinema 4D Stick Texture tag is now supported.
  • Material presets which support X-Particles 4 xpExplosiaFX added.
  • Shadow Catcher speed increase.
  • Improved 'Pointiness' behaviour. All New Function to render the Mograph Matrix Object without geometry.

This update contains bug fixes and lots of great new features, all of which will increase performance and stability