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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

3rd Service Update for Cycles 4D

Today we released our 3rd FREE Service Update – Build 214 for Cycles 4D.

We have updated to the latest Cycles core (as of the 13th June). This FREE update contains 18 bug fixes and 3 changes to increase performance and stability. Rest assured, we will continue to make these improvements to our products and services.

Cycles 4D owners will receive this update automatically, as long as you have enabled your Cycles 4D Online Updater. Alternatively, the email you received from INSYDIUM LTD when you purchased our software, contains a download link; this link will provide you with our latest version of Cycles 4D.

This build supports Cinema 4D R14 and R15, which means that Cycles 4D works with Cinema 4D R14 through to R18.


Latest Cycles core (61899)
RT Preview option to display in the viewport (RT Dialog > Render > Viewport)
Cycles 4D Material commands icons


Black lines showing bottom/right of RT Preview
RT updating when switching views
RLM licensing losing serial
RT preview update pause glitches switching between documents
CPU missing from OpenCL

694 – TFD not selecting if no XP
695 – Real Time Size
696 – Normal Map – Normal Space Inverted and flipped
697 – Node Editor issues
698 – Vertex Normals Not Recognised
704 – Nodes in node list disappeared completely, but Options > Show node list is checked.
709 – Loading a node group results in a crash or hang
710 – Toggle Mute not Updating RT
715 – Script does not have issues displaying long path
717 – TR OSL Issue
720 – xpDomain Combined CUDA Error
721 – RT refresh disappearing picture
722 – xpDomain Voxel Glitches

This FREE update contains 18 bug fixes and 3 changes to increase performance and stability.