Assigning keyboard shortcuts

These are short instructions on how to assign keyboard shortcuts to commands. This is especially helpful for the Terraform4D commands, but works for all kinds of commands in Cinema 4D, of course.

Opening the Command Manager

1. Open the Command Manager

Right-click on any tool bar, palette or manager, and chose ‘Customize Palettes...’ from the context menu.

Finding the right command by searching for it

2. Search for the command

In the ‘Name Filter’ field, start typing the name of the command you're looking for. It will show up in the list below.

Assigning a keyboard shortcut

3. Assign a shortcut

Click in the ‘Shortcut’ field below the list.

Now define a shortcut by simply pressing the keys you want to use. For example, press SHIFT+UP for a command that increases terrain resolution or selects the next blend mode.

Click the ‘Assign’ button to assign the shortcut to the command.

4. Done

That's already it, close the dialog.