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  • INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement

The INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement provides Maintenance for X-Particles licenses beginning with 'XPL' and brings your Cycles 4D Maintenance in line, regardless of when your Cycles 4D Maintenance expires.

It gives you access to many benefits accessible when logged into your customer account:

  • Updates
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Ability to join our Early Access
  • Maintenance Training videos
  • Additional Content Repository files 

If your X-Particles license is within its Maintenance period, buying the INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement will give you an additional 12 or 24 months cover after your existing Maintenance expires, depending on when you purchase. Your Cycles 4D Maintenance expiry date will be changed to match the new expiry date of your X-Particles Maintenance Agreement.

If this product is purchased during your Maintenance or Reactivation period, 12 months Maintenance will be added to your existing expiry date. If purchased during your Last Chance period, 24 months Maintenance will be added to your existing expiry date, at an extra cost. Note: these are not X-Particles or Cycles 4D licenses.

For more information, visit our Maintenance product page.

If you have a multi-seat license, you'll need a Maintenance Agreement for each seat.

INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement

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