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  • INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement

The INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement provides maintenance for X-Particles licenses beginning with 'XPL' and will bring your Cycles 4D Maintenance expiry date in line unless it is more than 6 months before your X-Particles Maintenance expiry date.

It gives you access to many benefits accessible when logged into your customer account:

  • Updates and historic builds
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Ability to join our Early Access
  • Maintenance Training videos
  • Additional Content Repository files 

Depending on when you purchase, the INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement will give you an additional 12 or 24 months cover after your existing X-Particles Maintenance expires. Your Cycles 4D Maintenance expiry date will be updated to match the new expiry date of your X-Particles Maintenance Agreement, giving you up to an additional 18 or 30 months cover.

If your Cycles 4D Maintenance expires more than 6 months before your X-Particles Maintenance, you will need to buy a separate Maintenance Agreement for each of your licenses to continue accessing Maintenance benefits.

Note: these are not X-Particles or Cycles 4D licenses.

For more information, visit our Maintenance product page.

If you have a multi-seat license, you'll need a Maintenance Agreement for each seat.

INSYDIUM Maintenance Agreement

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