New Features

Our release contains many new features, available to everyone who owns the latest release of X-Particles within their Maintenance Period.

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X-Particles Build 724 – Thursday 4th July 2019

Our latest Release of X-Particles is now available for customers within their Maintenance Period.


What's New

We’ve introduced some fantastic new features in this release; the xpDynamics Tag, it’s fully integrated into the X-Particles system and works with Fluids, Smoke, Fire and Constraints. xpShatter, which allows you to break apart any Scene Object. You can use Objects, Splines, Particles and Point Generators to take complete control of your Shattering. Fluids have gained a couple of essential features; xpSplash and xpSheeter, making your fluid simulations even more realistic.

All this and so much more, watch Bob’s videos to find out more about the new features in X-Particles Build 724, Thursday 4th July 2019.

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Build 642 - 24th Oct 2018


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