New Features

Our Update contains many new features, available for customers with an X-Particles license in its Maintenance Period.

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X-Particles Build 884 – Friday 3rd July 2020

The latest Update of X-Particles is now available for customers within their Maintenance Period.


What's New

In this Update, we have focused on our core foundations, rebuilding, refining and enhancing. X-Particles is an essential component of an artist’s toolkit, and as such, we are continually improving our workflow so our customers can work more efficiently. We’ve so many great things to show you. If you want to find out more, watch our sneak peek videos below or have a look at our new X-Particles product pages.

Please note: X-Particles Build 884 is the last Update that will support Cinema 4D R14 to R18. Future Updates will support only R19 and later and your computer will need a processor that has AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions).


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