Early Access Programme

Our Early Access Programme will provide a regular stream of major new features throughout the year, accessible to everyone who owns X-Particles or Cycles 4D latest release with up-to-date maintenance.

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X-Particles Early Access Programme

Our Early Access Programme will provide a regular stream of major new features throughout the year, accessible to everyone who owns X-Particles or Cycles 4D with up-to-date maintenance. You can choose to try these features with our Early Access Programme. As an Early Release, it should be mostly bug-free, but you don’t have to use it. It’s up to you. 

The Bridge is included within this Early Access Release update. Therefore, if you are running an earlier release of Cinema 4D or Cinema 4D R20, this Early Access Build will work.


How to get your Early Access download.

Simply change the first part of your existing X-Particles download link (shown in red below) from:




Do not change any other part of your link. Note: The numbers above are just examples - use your own original link.

Once this is complete, you will be sent an automated mail from INSYDIUM for verification.

System Requirements

  • Cinema 4D R14 or later (R14 to R20).
  • Windows 7 or later, or on the Mac OSX 10.12 or later.



Early Access Programme Support

We’ll host a feedback forum on Discord so our developers get instant feedback and you get more regular updates.

Join our Discord INSYDIUM channel now at http://discord.gg/6FDFkcU

The INSYDIUM Discord channel is a great community to share information and ideas. Find out more at https://insydium.ltd/news/latest-news/join-our-insydium-discord-chat-room/

We also have discussion forums for both X-Particles and Cycles 4D Early Access builds on INSYDIUM ONLINE where you can compare notes with fellow users.

Here’s a summary of how the Early Access Programme works:

  • You can choose whether to opt-in
  • Early Access is for online use only; there is no offline period. Offline use is for released builds only.
  • You can feedback to our developers using our Discord channel, not technical support
  • You can raise bug reports via the X-Particles/Cycles 4D bug reporter
  • We’ll automatically make the final release build available to everyone with up-to-date maintenance

Please visit our Maintenance page to find out how our scheme works.

What's in this release?



X-Particles New Features

Latest Early Access Update – 28th March 2019, Build 690


This release contains some awesome New Features, just watch Bob’s sneak peek videos below as he digs deeper into three of them: xpQuickTools, xpShatter and xpDynamics.

This release contains necessary bug fixes.




New Features

  • xpDynamics - Particle Based Dynamics solver for Rigid and Soft Body Dynamics. This feature allows integrated dynamics for simulations using the X-Particles Physics Solvers and much more.
  • xpShatter - Particle based shattering system, a new object-breaking engine which works beautifully with our new xpDynamics, ideal for visual effects work.
  • xpDisplayRender - Render generator allows you to render particle shapes you see in the Editor (circles, cubes, pyramids etc) and FlowField and Modifier Field Vectors.
  • xpMetaGroup - Powerful type of particle group.
  • xpQuickTools - Integrated 25 scene pre-sets. Guaranteed to speed up your workflow during production.
  • xpSplineGrowth - Deformer to grow spline objects, Trails and Elektrix.
  • xpTrailTip Tag - Tag to add an object to tip of trail splines.
  • xpParticleSampleShader - Shader to colour objects from particle parameters.

Updates to Existing Features

  • Emission from Object - Rotation mode Tangential to Normal.
  • Colour Modifier - Colour from vertex tag, change particle shape.
  • Inherit Modifier - More options to inherit and control when inherited.
  • Spawn Modifier - Inherit UV emission data from source.
  • xpVertexMap - Vertex colour from particles.
  • Drag Modifier - Use Scene units and new Shatter mode.
  • Scale Modifier - Percentage option for scale, and shader mapping.
  • Infectio Modifier - More colour control with groups.
  • Physical Modifier - Use Shaders to control options.
  • Cover Modifier - Two new modes ‘Nearest Surface Point’ and ‘Nearest Vertex’ added for more control over material channels.
  • Attractor Modifier - New Viewport icon to show where particles will be attracted to.
  • Vortex Modifier - New Helix mode.
  • Custom Data - New variation field.
  • xpTrail New object mode.
  • Network Modifier - New distance mode.
  • Emitter display - New cylinder mode.


Feature Image Examples


Spline Dynamics 

Explosia Shatter

Shatter Advection

Display Render


Cloth Grains

Dynamic Grains

Shatter Collision

Shatter Inherit

Dynamics EFX


Fluid Dynamics


Already in The Early Access Programme?

How to get the latest updates

  1. Go Edit menu > Preferences (hotkey Ctrl + E).

  2. Select X-Particles on the left.

  3. Tick the box 'Show Early Access Updates'.

  4. X-Particles menu – Help and Support menu. Select - Check for X-Particles Online Updater.

  5. Click 'Check for updates now' button.



No Early Access release currently available

There isn't currently an Early Access release available for Cycles 4D. Details of forthcoming Early Access releases will be published on this page as they become available.