Early Access

Early Access provides a stream of new features, available for customers with a Cycles 4D license in its Maintenance Period.


Early Access Cycles 4D Build 541 – 5th November 2020

Early Access is available now for customers with a Cycles 4D license in its Maintenance Period. You can choose to try these features with our Early Access. As an Early Release, it should be mostly bug-free; it's up to you; you don't have to use it.


What's New

We have added new features to our extensive Cycles 4D toolkit. Build 541 includes some fantastic additions, all designed with our customers in mind.
Our new Breadcrumb bar in the Node Editor lets you navigate between groups with speed and efficiency. While Adaptive Sampling cycles automatically reducing the number of samples in the areas that have little noise. Making rendering faster and providing an even noise distribution.

Complete list of features


About Early Access

For customers with a Cycles 4D license in its Maintenance Period, you can download the latest Early Access from your Customer Account. Or use the Early Access to update to the Cycles 4D Early Access by ticking the box ‘Show Early Access Updates’ in preferences. 

  • You can choose whether to opt-in to use Early Access.
  • Early Access is for online use only; there is no offline period for Early Access Updates. 
  • You can feedback to the team using our Discord channel or INSYDIUM Online, not Technical Support or Customer Services.
  • You can raise bug reports via the Cycles 4D Bug Reporter.
  • Early Access builds expire, please see the Cycles 4D > About.

Download Early Access Update 


Anonymous Usage Statistics

Please Note: The Cycles 4D Early Access Update has a new feature to send Anonymous Usage Statistics; this is found in the Cycles 4D Preferences. For Early Access, this cannot be disabled. By Downloading and Installing the Early Access, you agree to this being enabled. The statistics gathered are anonymous. No information about your license or personal information is stored.