Plugin Bridge - Cinema 4D R20-S22

Our free Bridge to allow third-party plugins to work in Cinema 4D R20-S22


The INSYDIUM Bridge is free to download for the Cinema 4D Community.

Maxon has made Cinema 4D S22 a fantastic release, with massive changes and improvements to the Cinema 4D Core. As a result of these changes, many third-party plugins including INSYDIUM's no longer work.

We created a Bridge plugin for Cinema 4D that can load plugins from R12 to R19 and enable them to work in R20 to S22.

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INSYDIUM Bridge Compatible Plugins

We can confirm all the plugins listed here are compatible with Cinema 4D R20-S22 through the INSYDIUM Bridge. If you are a plugin developer and wish to have your plugin listed, please contact us via c4dbridge[at] we will happily add your plugin to this list.

Rodenburg Verlags Shop 

  • People in Motion
  • Parametric Toolkit
  • PhotoMatch


  • ZBlur2

Michael Welter

  • Noise Deformer
  • Spline Noise Deformer

aescripts + aeplugins

  • Paint and Stick

Cactus Dan

  • All plugins (except for FBX importer)

Spankis Prop Shop

  • RipTide Pro

Nebu, and Shawn Foster 

  • TRUE Symmetry

We have information about downloading and installing the INSYDIUM Bridge in our Knowledge Base.

Please Note: The INSYDIUM Bridge is not guaranteed to work with all plugins. If you find a plugin that the Bridge is not compatible with, we’d like you to get in touch with the plugin developer and ask them to contact INSYDIUM direct via (c4dbridge[at] We can then work together to find a solution.


People in Motion


People in Motion




TRUE Symmetry


Gelatin Deformer



The INSYDIUM Bridge is free to download for the Cinema 4D Community